"India can do it. People of India can do it."

These were some of the words quoted by the Ho'nble Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi during the launch of the Swachh Bharat Campaign which plans to clean up India by 2019.

Technex realizes the need of reducing this plastic waste in order to reach the target of a clean India and therefore has launched a PAPER BAG CAMPAIGN as a part of its social initiative. This will not only be a contribution to the Swachh Bharat Campaign but also take us a step closer to the dream of making VARANASI a SMART CITY.

We are proud to present Abdul Muqeet as our Campaign Ambassador. To date, he has made over 5,000 bags, has won many awards for his actions and has earned the nickname "The Paper Bag Boy". He is one of the world's youngest environmentalists and has received recognition from WHO, UNICEF and WWF.

If he can, Why can't you?
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