Online payment portal closed. You can pay for accommodation once you have arrived at the campus.

Hospitality of our guests is of a paramount importance to us, and over the past years we have been proud to provide accommodation to most of our guests. Technex constantly strives to make your stay remarkable and the experience at Technex the one you can never forget.

On our 76th anniversary, we aim for greater heights and leave no stone unturned for your comfortable accommodation and security away from home. For this, an efficient and amiable hospitality is one of the prime goals of Team Technex 2015. We have a team of dedicated individuals which will cater to your needs such as accommodation, registration and lodging after you arrive at the campus, and to help you out in any matters of concern.

From Airport to IIT(BHU): 
BHU Campus is about 35 kms. from Varanasi (Babatpur) Airport. The taxi charges from Airport to BHU Campus are about INR 600/-.

From Varanasi Cantt. (Junction) Railway Station to IIT(BHU): 
BHU Campus is about 10 kms. from Varanasi Cantt. railway Station. Round the clock Auto/ Taxi services are available from Varanasi Cantt. Railway Station to BHU (Lanka). The tentative charges are: for reserve auto Rs. 120-150/-, shared auto Rs. 15/- and for Taxi Rs. 300/- to 350/-.

From Mughalsarai Railway Station to IIT(BHU): 
BHU Campus is about 20 kms. from Mughalsarai Railway Station. Round the clock Auto/ Taxi services are available from Mughalsarai Railway Station to BHU(Lanka). The tentative charges are: for reserve auto Rs. 200/-, shared auto Rs. 35/- and for Taxi Rs. 300/- to 350/-.

  • Accommodation will be provided from February 26th evening.
  • You’re required to report at the hospitality desk at Limbdi Hostel as soon as you arrive at the campus.
  • All student participants must carry their valid College photo ID card. Others must bring their valid photo identity for the purpose of entry. People without valid photo identity card will not be allowed inside the campus during Technex 2015.
  • The fee for registration is INR 1300 + 200 (Security deposit) .The security deposit will be returned to you when you will be leaving the campus.
  • Please bring 2 passport sized photographs.
  • Facilities provided
    • Accommodation from 27th February to 1st March.
    • Passes for all pronites.
    • Passes for all guest lectures.
    • Technex merchandise
  • Security of laptops and other belongings will be the responsibility of participants only. Technex will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the belongings of the participants.
  • Participants are to bring along all the material required for the respective events.
  • Kindly note that the accommodation is strictly on a shared basis and any requests for individual rooms or any complaints in this regard shall not be entertained.
  • Random checks would be made to avoid any illegal stay at the campus. Any team failing to produce their receipts of accommodation would be heavily fined and disqualified.
  • Alcohol, Cigarettes, drugs, any intoxicants, sharp objects and explosives of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Any other item if deemed unsafe will be prohibited. The decision of Technex team will be final in case of any disputes.
  • There are SBI and Bank of Baroda ATMs inside the campus. There’s also an AXIS bank ATM just outside the campus, near Hyderabad Gate.
For further queries, contact:
  • Biranche Tandon
  • 727-551-1254

  • Pradhyumn Singh
  • 983-888-7745

  • The online payment for the hospitality has now been closed
  • You can still pay for hospitality at the registration desk, once you arrive at the campus
  • Accommodation in such case will be allotted on first-come-first serve basis